Cardiology in Ukraine

Treatment of heart diseases in Ukraine

Treatment areas of heart diseases

Methods and technologies of treatment in Ukraine


One of most popular areas of medical tourism in Ukraine is cardiology. It is a branch of medicine that requires a professional and personal approach for each patient. Highly qualified doctors coming from various medical centers of Ukraine use modern methods, take charge of the most complicated operation cases, thus saving the patients’ life and giving a hope for a happy future life.


Treatment areas of heart diseases



Ukrainian centers work to treat a number of heart diseases, both congenital and acquired. The work is carried out in the areas as follows:

 • Aortocoronary bypass (with artificial blood circulation).

• Arterial revascularization.

• Plasticity of left ventricle aneurysm and prosthetics of aortic aneurysm.

• Operations on aortic, mitral, tricuspid valve.

• The Ross operation.

• Surgical treatment of congenital heart diseases.

• Coronaventriculography.

•Stenting of the coronary vessels.

• Heart probing and angiography.

• Endovascular correction of congenital heart defects


Methods and technologies of treatment in Ukraine


Modern equipment and unique innovations make it possible to carry out medical practice in one more medical discipline - the endovascular one. This is an effective alternative to traditional surgical intervention, where fluoroscopy and ultrasound methods significantly reduces the patient's health risk. The procedures are practically painless: small punctures with a diameter of 1-4 mm are made on the surface of the skin, local anesthesia is induced.


Separately, we are helping to people suffering from heart rhythm disturbances. With the use of advanced technologies, modern and traditional methods, Holter ECG monitoring, electrophysiological examinations, radiofrequency ablation, pacemaker implantation, Cox-Maze IV procedure become possible.



The quality of your life depends on how your heart beats. Therefore, doctors strongly advise to go to a hospital with no delay: the sooner an affliction is diagnosed and cured, the better.



The comfort of our patients is handled by our customer service team, which will perfectly ensure organizing your arrival, the appropriate order of medical procedures, movement within the city, the organization of interesting trips and fascinating leisure time.


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