Lodgings, translation services

Rent an apartment or hotel room?


You can decide whatever good for you − either stay in a hotel room or rent an apartment. Either option is possible but surely it depends! Hotel service in Ukraine is of high quality and it is possible to choose a room at a moderate price and requirements. If the process of your treatment takes a long time, it is more reasonable to rent an apartment either in the city center or next to the clinic.



If you rent an apartment it is possible to order additional services such as cleaning the room, washing your clothes, cooking lunches, fetching the food and other household things that you need.


Translation services in Ukraine


Everyone in Ukraine can speak two languages – both Ukrainian and Russian. Young people are English-speaking. Many clinic employees can also speak English. But it is still better to use the services of an interpreter who can speak your mother tongue and may help you in communication with doctors or during your trips around the city.

Our translators are guided by the code of honor, and guarantee the confidentiality and non-disclosure of personal information obtained while doing their job.


Additional services


You can see some more additional services we can provide.

  • transfer from the airport or train station to your place;
  • professional driver with a luxury car;
  • car rent;
  • guide services;
  • hiring medically educated nurses;
  • translation of medical documentation into Ukrainian language;
  • in-patient department reservation;
  • treatment plan and the final cost calculations;
  • booking air tickets and departure organizing;
  • assisting in documents delivery by express mail (the cost of shipment is paid separately);
  • shopping escorting;
  • private matters escorting.

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