Medical resort therapy

Medical resort therapy

Spa’s in Ukraine 



Therapeutic Ukrainian resorts are little known in Western Europe, as they were inaccessible to Europeans before. But since the 19th century, lots of Frenchmen and Germans were able to come and drink water in Truskavets, Mirgorod, Kuyalnik.


The healing waters of Truskavets help to cure kidney diseases; Mirgorodskaya mineral water is good for the treatment of gastroenterological diseases. The mud of Kuyalnik and the salt of lakes in Solotvyno help with problems with the musculoskeletal system.


At the spa’s of Ukraine over the past decades, many modern sanatoriums and hotels have been built, where living conditions and treatment meet the European level, whereas prices are lower.


Balneotherapy in sanatoria of Ukraine


Balneotherapy is the use of mineral waters in bathing, showers, baths and irrigation for medical purposes.

Baths in balneotherapy may be different in purpose and composition as follows:

  • Hydrogen sulfide;
  • Carbonic;
  • Radon;
  • Saline;
  • With herbs.


Lots of showers types are in use at resorts as follows:

  • Underwater shower-massage,
  • shower fan
  • ascending shower
  • shower jet contrast
  • shower circular
  • Charcot's shower

Speleotherapy in the sanatoriums of Ukraine



Speleotherapy (salt caves) is a treatment using air containing fine salt particles, which uses a specific microclimate of caves / mines, where all the walls and floor are covered with salt. The most effective are the original salt mines, which are dug and landscaped on the bottom of the former seas. To maximize the effect of treatment, mines should be located at a level of 300 - 400 meters deep. There the air is as sterile as in the operating room! Doctors of speleosanatoriums prescribe the number of day and night descents + O.R.L. procedures in the underground departments of sanatoria - all depending on the history of each individual patient.

Passing the course of treatment in the speleosanatorium and staying in salt mines positively affects the treatment of:

bronchial asthma

- all kinds of allergic diseases

- O.R.L. diseases

- frequent colds,

- A.R.V.I.

- suppressed immunity

Salt treatment due to bad world’s ecology is popular and is provided in many sanatoria in Western Ukraine.



Well, why the speleotherapy is so good?

1. Microclimate of salt caves effects favorably the cardiovascular system;

2. It increases immunity;

3. It has a calming effect on the nervous system;

4. Ionized air improves concentration of attention;

5. Being in salt caves performs the of the respiratory system;

6. It normalizes blood pressure.




Mud Treatment in Ukraine


Mud treatment (fangotherapy) is a treatment with the help of mud from mineral springs. To enhance the effect before the application of dirt, they heat it up to 42-43°C.

Fangotherapy is used in the treatment of polyarthritis, joint contractures, arthrosis, rheumatism, skin diseases, cellulite, obesity, gynecological and urological diseases, climacteric syndrome, etc.

Muds are applied as applications on the projection of "problem" zones - the area of previously damaged joints and muscles, the pelvic area. Also, according to the indications for therapy, mud tampons are possible. All cycles of procedures are regulated by time and pass solely under the supervision of a physician – physiotherapist.

In Ukraine you can visit mud resorts. They provide as so much effective mud treatment as at expensive mud resorts, yet at quite moderate price. Some saline Ukrainian lakes muds are of the same mixture as at the Dead Sea. 


Hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches)


Hirudotherapy is thediseases treatment by means of medical leeches. This method of treatment can completely or partially replace medical treatment. By means of hirudotherapy, a whole range of chronic diseases can be treated, such as skin diseases, angina pectoris, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, thrombophlebitis, etc. Hirudin injected by leeches has an antithrombotic and anticoagulant effect. Hirudin is a natural anticoagulant, that is, a substance that facilitates the blood thinning.

The use of hirudotherapy can be often prescribed during rehabilitation after strokes, for the rehabilitation of patients with I.C.P.

 Hirudotherapy in Ukraine is often used in cosmetology for correcting weight procedures, removing scars and cicatrices, to reduce swelling and improve the general skin condition.


Treatment and rest at the Ukrainian resorts - the best choice as for the price and quality!

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