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Plastic surgery

Advantages of plastic surgery in Ukraine

Branches of plastic surgery

Injection cosmetology in Ukraine

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Advantages of plastic surgery in Ukraine


7 reasons why you’d better go to Ukrainian cosmetology clinics:


•         EU-standard high-quality services

•         Short waiting time to get to the high class doctors

•         Innovative technologies and most modern equipment.

•         An integrated approach to the treatment and recovery of patients.

•         Individual solutions for each and every client.

•         The most attractive prices in Europe.

•         Ability to combine the treatment with an interesting journey.



Here you can get both the rest for your soul and mind together with the high-quality treatment for your body!






Branches of plastic surgery in Ukraine


Every year many patients come to Ukraine to improve their appearances and looks, because of the availability of a professional consultation right away, and the operation will be performed by the best practicing surgeons in the branch.



Ukrainian doctors can perform the following operations:


- Abdominoplasty

Operation means to improve proportions of the abdomen to eliminate the fat fold and needless skin, restore the abdominal muscles tone, and correct the waistline.


- Blepharoplasty

Operation means to change the eyes and eyelids outlines to eliminate imperfections, as well as reduce visible age-related changes.


- Mammoplasty and mastopexy (plastic of the female breast)

Would you like to change the shape and size of your breasts? The mammoplasty obviously may help using sometimes the special endoprostheses. And the breasts shapes can be restored after a mastectomy by means of implantable prostheses.

Mastopexy is an intervention to lift the mammary glands so you can prolong your breasts beauty in a simple way.


- Rhinoplasty and septoplasty

Operation means to improve the shape of your nose. While septoplasty operation means to eliminate the nasal septum deviation, and relieve your nasal breathing.


-         Face Lifting

Anti-aging complex of surgical interventions to smooth face wrinkles.


-         Liposuction

This is a cosmetic or bariatric surgery to re-arrange body fat in a specific area (or areas of the body), such as abdomen, thighs, buttocks.


-         Otoplasty

The operation is used to change or restore the auricles or correct the shape of the ears.


-         Treatment of gynecomastia (male breast plastic surgery)

Gynecomastia is a kind of men’s disease of the mammary glands enlargement. In the course of the operation, the proportions of the body are restored, the glandular tissue hypertrophy, and excessive fat.


- Other types of plastic surgery.

There are lots of other kinds of surgeries possible to improve your look available in Ukraine and performed by Ukrainian surgeons using modern equipment and modern technologies.




Injection cosmetology in Ukraine


Cosmetology is another way of becoming more beautiful and looking younger rather than plastic surgery methods.


Injection techniques is one of most popular sections of Ukrainian therapeutic cosmetology.


Here are the possible results of injection cosmetology:

-         skin improvement,

-         blood microcirculation, and skin nutrition improvement

-         regenerative (regenerative) processes normalization,

-         skin tone enhancing,

-         wrinkles removing,

-         face outlines and shapes correction.




Facial injection contouring is a very popular technique. The procedure involves the injection of a special gel to smooth the wrinkles, change the face outlines: get rid of saggy cheeks, increase the lips or change the cheekbones shapes. The results continue during next 6-18 months

Medical care in Ukraine is the best solution for your beauty, health and your wallet!




Photos before and after plastic surgery



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