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Excursions and entertaining tourism in Ukraine

Sightseeing and entertainment in Ukraine

The unique nature of Ukraine

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We are happy to help you with spending your time in Ukraine full of interest and pleasure. There are a lot of things to show for our guests! Moderate prices, beautiful nature, national identity, and mild melodies of Ukrainian language will please you very much.


 Let us remind you that there’s no need in visas coming in to Ukraine. Ukraine is good for traveling!



Sightseeing and entertainment in Ukraine



We are happy to organize your leisure as follows:


  • unusual places of Ukraine − Sorochintsy Fair, Tunnel of Love, Chernobyl, Optimistic Cave, Dream Museum, Museum of Toilet History, Hutsul Magic Museum, Sound Museum and many others;
  • tours around monasteries and churches of Ukraine;
  • ethnic tours studying national customs (Ukrainian wedding, engagement, Kupala holiday, Ukrainian village 200 years ago, wearing embroidered shirts).
  •  master classes :
    • Ukrainian traditional dishes,
    • pottery,
    • motanka dolls hand-made,
    • Easter eggs painting,
    • weaving baskets,
    • Ukrainian embroidery,
    • Hopak” national martial art,
    • Cossaks art of horse riding
  • gastronomic tours where you can try real Ukrainian cuisine - borsch, vareniki, banush, pork fat, jelly, “pechenia” roast potatoes with meet, “uzvar” traditional stewed fruit, and even homemade “horilka” liquor;
  • green tourism - to live like in the village, milk a cow, get goats or sheep to the grass, run on your bare feet, make a trip to the forest for berries or mushrooms;
  • historical re-enactment of different historical epochs. After putting knightly armor on you may become a participant of the most realistic tournament, restored on reliable historical events. You will feel like a warrior fighting near Poltava (whoever you are to be in Russian troops under the command of Peter I or the Swedish army of Charles XII − it's up to you), you will feel the role and try to be Napoleonic soldier or Cossack man of Zaporozhye Sich, the Catholic Huguenot of the Bartholomew night, the musketeer or medieval beauty, etc. Then you may try weapons, food, style of life of those epochs;
  • extreme sports − soaring in the wind tube (complete imitation of weightlessness), flights on the airship and paragliding (also parachute with motor), bungee jumping, descents from the mountain in the “zorba” tool, jumps with the ordinary parachute, go-karting, rope parks;
  • outdoor recreation programs with fishing, horse riding or rafting;
  • visiting any city you like;
  • individual tours and personal assistant for impressions.


Look moderate prices for amazing tours! The average cost of visiting the museum is 1-2 euros, and some museums and galleries are completely free!


The unique nature of Ukraine


 Уникальная природа Украины

Ukraine is a country with surprisingly rich nature. We have everything to meet expectations of any globetrotter. You’ll be really surprised with the warm waves both of Black Sea and the Azov Sea, the mighty Dnieper, small picturesque rivers, and high mountains scraping the heavens, so to say. And the vast fields and meadows, and the forests where you can walk and enjoy most clear air! Here you may get a real charge of energy! 



The climate of Ukraine differs significantly from the climate of Western Europe. It rarely rains in this region. Summer is sunny and warm, but winters are cold and snowy. Folk festivals look like special along this background. According to the season you can count on a beach holiday or skiing, sledging, skating.


One can watch the Ukrainian people for hours as they are resourceful, kind, cheerful and sympathetic people. It may be a surprise that one day you may become somewhat Ukrainian.


Meet Kiev brand sweets "Salo in chocolate" which is a sort of a joke! For travelers who like unusual sensations and original taste combinations, we highly recommend to purchase such a gastronomic delight in a souvenir shop – the sweets of a truly original and unique taste.


Visit cities of Ukraine


столица – Киев

Coloring Odessa may please you with both clean and warm sea and never-met-before sense of humor. A multinational city of a unique history is a real pearl next to the sea! Every year there are famous festivals of jokes – "Humorina". The temperature of the sea water in summer is +25°C. Sea of laughter, sandy beaches, charming atmosphere of Odessa resort present you with moments of happiness!




You will fall in love with the magnificent L’viv: medieval buildings, neat streets, and cozy cafés with terraces, delicious local sweets and fantastic coffee – simply a paradise for romantic people.



Pay attention to Kiev city, the capital of Ukraine. The Dnieper’s riverside is just amazing with its greatness; while the historical buildings create a unique holistic architectural style together with plenty of parks, museums, and other interesting places!


The Carpathians mountains are definitely worth a visit. Breath in crystal clear air, fully rich nature filled with tranquility. There’s a chance that you may meet a real Hutsul man, who will gladly talk with you about folk customs, also you can try natural cheese and "banush". Learning how to work with yarn is also a possibility.


Three success aspects of your good health are treatment, rest, and traveling. Mild Ukrainian climate, different attractions and places can make it faster to recuperate and you will have the best memories of this country for ever!



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