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How you can save your money on treatment


Treatment in Ukraine  becomes more an more in demand among residents of the European Union, since here there is an opportunity to care illnesses and solve other health problems much cheaper and at a higher level than at home.


Why are the treatment prices in Ukraine so low?

Regardless of the fact that Ukraine is one of the most progressive countries in terms of medicine and medical legislation - prices are much lower than in Western Europe. The formation of low treatment prices in Ukraine is influenced by economic factors. Such as people's low purchasing capacity parity and low labor cost. But, regardless of the low prices of medical services the clinics and laboratories which we recommend are equipped with the most modern equipment and their activities meet all Western European standards.


In addition, the advantages of Ukrainian clinics and medical centers are as follows:

- there are no queues at Ukrainian clinics! (You can get a doctor's appointment right at the same day or every other day, passing all the necessary examinations and taking tests during max. 1-2 days).


- In Ukraine you can dialogue with a doctor – the doctor cares about the patient in a “personal way”. This way even the protocol schemes in some medical branches can be modified depending on the client's wishes.


-  No need for visas for Ukraine. Ukraine is safe for tourism.

- the climate of Ukraine is approximately the same as in the Western Europe - therefore the acclimatization period is rather short. 

- Ukrainians are friendly, hospitable and kind people, 

- Ukraine is worth travelling and full of interesting places and sightseeing to satisfy nearly each and every traveler, remember of Ukrainian seacoasts, mountains, etc.



How you can save money on treatment in Ukraine with us



You can organize treatment in Ukraine on your own. But usually it is quite hard for a person without experience and knowledge, and even more without good native language communication skills to navigate in foreign country. We will do everything for you. We will contact all the necessary specialists, send the translated copies of the documents, clarify the diagnoses and prepare the necessary meetings.


We will calculate all the costs and expenses for treatment in advance.

We will book airplane tickets, hotel rooms, provide our employees for escort and translation.

The things we charge are for the order of consulting and accompanying services: clinics selection, and caring of round-the-clock communication with medical personnel, making the “rough” treatment costs, transfers, personal manager's services, interpreter’s, booking the apartments. Payment for treatment is making in clinics.



What do the treatment costs in Ukraine depend of?


You’ll receive printed documents in advance, where all medical and other procedures are indicated together with their costs. We know all about how to save on treatment in Ukraine and make your stay as much comfortable as possible. We will provide you with an invoice issued by the clinic itself, this is a guarantee that you do not overpay.

You can choose your room by yourself according to the number of beds in it. You can choose an out-patient or in-patient examination. You can save money due to the fact that you’ll bring with you the results of diagnostics: pictures, analyzes, expert opinions, etc. All is taken into consideration.

Dealing with our company does not result in the treatment costs in any way. You make an advance payment, and then pay directly in the clinic according to the current pricelist of clinic. No hidden catch!


What services do we provide?


After having a look at the approx. treatment prices you fill out the application, and we start processing by calculating the treatment costs in Ukraine. Then you make a payment of the invoice negotiated with you.


 Aplication process in progress

• translation of medical documentation into Ukrainian;

• materials study and consultations with doctors of the clinic;

• getting a preliminary cost calculations of planned individual procedures to schedule;

• payment for the clinics selection and medical specialists;

• processing time of the application is from 5 up to 10 working days.




Treatment scheduling services comprise

  • negotiations with the clinic management for the sake of the client;
  • participation in the organization of a treatment plan;
  • discussion of the appropriate time for treatment with the clinic administration;
  • reservation of a place in the inpatient department; 
  •  coordination on the treatment plan and the final costs;
  • assistance in booking air tickets and departure organizing.
  • meeting at the airport upon arrival, accommodation in a hotel or apartment
  • escort by an interpreter who provides simultaneous interpretation from your language into Ukrainian and Russian.
  • written translations of necessary medical documentation from / into Ukrainian and Russian languages.
  • further support, including the full range of necessary administrative, legal and consulting services.




Additional service and individual services.

We may offer several service packages to you so you can choose the one that is good for you.


Service package "Standard"

  • providing an official invitation for treatment from the clinic;
  • reservation of a hotel room or apartment (accommodation is to be paid for separately);
  • delivery organization of documents by express mail (the cost of shipment is paid for separately);
  • transfers;
  • services of a high-qualified interpreter at the day of admission for treatment (assistance in passing all formalities and hold a conversation with a doctor);

Note: Patient arranges by himself all further treatment and stay at the clinic.


Service package "Comfort"

  • providing an official invitation for treatment from the clinic;
  • reservation of a hotel room or apartment (accommodation is to be paid for separately);
  • delivery of documents by express mail (the cost of shipment is paid separately);
  • transfers;
  • accompanying the patient up to 4 hours a day at a time from 8 to 16 hours up to 5 days (a personal assistant-interpreter is assigned to help you in any issues);
  • availability of contacting with an interpreter 24/7;
  • excess over the established time limit for the interpreter-assistant must be paid for separately at the rate of 15 € per hour or 70 € per day.


 Service package "Premium"

  • providing an official invitation for treatment from the clinic;
  • reservation of a hotel room or apartment (accommodation is to be paid for separately);
  • delivery of documents by express mail;
  • transfers;
  • escort by a personal interpreter from 8 to 16 hours a day up to 7 days;
  • availability of contacting with an interpreter 24/7;
  • organization and providing with personal transport services (accommodation is to be paid for separately);
  • patronage and personal control of treatment by company;
  • extra interpreter-assistant’s services time must be paid additionally at the rate of 15 € per hour or 70 € per day.
  • mobile phone with 3G mobile internet access;


We respect your choice of any service package, as well as individual requests.

Keep in mind that we may also take care of your leisure time.


Additional services:

• help with car rental

• providing the personal driver with a car for trips (up to 3 passengers, at least 3 hours, including waiting time)

• order special vehicles

• a sitter, nurse or 24-h patronage at the clinic (another seat/bed is to be paid additionally)

• personal escort (at least 3 hours, including waiting time, group up to 3 people)

• sightseeing tours and excursions

• shopping



We value our customers very much, that’s why all services and their costs are negotiated in advance, an off-scheduled booking an additional payment up to 30% may be applied for. The things between us should be completely transparent so you must see for what and how much you pay. You only need to review the approx. treatment costs and apply for with us! We organize the most effective and of high quality treatment to make it all comfortable for you!

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